Fox On The Fence


Fox On The Fence

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I had been trying to photograph this little red fox for months. Catching glimpses every so often as the little canine hunted in the forest. Frustrating to say the least. My luck finally changed on November 28th 2018 when a big impending snow storm was going to hit the Midwest with the first heavy accumulation.  Knowing that fox like to hunt before a snow storm gave me the incentive to put in the extra effort an stay constantly watching until the very last minute of sun light.  

As luck would have it, I seen many different animals that day moving about feeding and storing extra food.  The activity was pretty amazing. As the sun was about to end the day, I was a bit disappointed that I had not seen the fox.  I thought for sure today would be the day. Making my way back to the vehicle and only 10 minutes of sunlight left, I walked down a trail popping in an out of the forest to observe the large field.  Usually as darkness comes fox move to larger fields for mouse hunting. My plan was to use the forest as concealment and get the jump on the canine before being seen. 

Of course a plan never really plays out as you would expect. On the third time of walking down the trail I moved 20 yards off to the side to peek a view at the larger field.  As I approached to go back on the main trail I seen a tail flicker through the brush and trees.  My first reaction was it is a dog. Then I thought nope no way, it just stopped mid stride peeking through some small hole in the leaves. The fox definitely seen me but did not know what I was because of my camouflage suit.

I immediately lifted and dialed the camera settings while crouching as low as possible not to intimidate the animal. As I ducked more brush, the fox became slightly curious as what was that tree moving around.  The canine finally came into a clearing as I laid flat on the grass.  What felt like minutes was only 8 seconds of shooting an only 2 seconds of the fox making eye contact.   After blasting off ten images from my camera, I frantically looked for one clean and sharp image.  As I got back to my car and the snow started to come down. I found the image you see before you. One image out of ten and I thought this was one of my best days in wildlife photography.

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