My goal is to create the most emotional Fine Art Photographs as possible. Fine Art Photography, is a blending of technical expertise and artistic vision. These two components need to synergistically work together in an effort to bring a sum greater than the individual parts.

Modern times has allowed anyone to have a camera in their pocket. The technical barriers and hurdles of becoming a photographer have never been easier to overcome. Smart phones and affordable mirrorless cameras have seen a huge increase in usage, yet in many social groups respectable photography and fine art are still very elusive. Simply put, Fine Art Photography skills are not something you can buy off the shelf. It is honed over years of experience. Expensive cameras no more make an artist as an expensive brush makes a world famous painter.

World famous photographer Ansel Adams said “What the world does not need is more technically perfect yet boring photos” and sadly this is what we have today with cell phones.  For me Fine Art Photography is a product of composition, light, shadows, contrast, emotion, and timing. The camera is only the digital canvas in which all of this is brought together. As a result, many of my photographs are created with manual camera settings that exploit these items in non-traditional ways.  If you look at any of the top rank photographer most have a unique style that technically is not correct, yet lead to much more artistic and emotional work!  

Even with modern cameras there are still technical limitations that cannot be overcome. My work process is to first create an image and work on completing the vision with post processing. Some pieces of art are simply not possible with digital cameras alone. This process includes dodging, burning, sharpening, colors, lighting, contrast and a large spectrum of other changes. As an artist, I am completely open to providing any information on the creation and post processing of the art work displayed. In fact the story of creation is part of the art work itself!

Personal Style Warranty
I guarantee that my work is done according to my personal style and shows the scenes I photographed in a way that is different from what other people looking at these same scenes would see. To this end I use a variety of techniques including the creation of a specific color palette for each photograph, the removal or addition of elements in the image, changing the shape of some elements, cropping or reformatting the original photograph and more. If you are unhappy with the photograph you purchase from me, I will simply refund your money. Visit my Pricing page for detailed information about the warranties that I offer.

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Stafford Fuhs
Elkhorn, Nebraska